Some highlights from a stunning newborn album that recently went to its new home.  Precious memories from such a special time that these parents will be able to cherish for years and years to come! I have this beautiful vision in my mind that one day, when little Liam has grown up to be an adult with his own family, he will share this album with them. That way they too will be able to experience this time in his life through these images.

Photos are so important, but it’s even more important to get them off our computers, off our hard drives and USBs, and onto our walls or into albums.  Places where we are more likely to enjoy them and share them.  And celebrate the special moments in our lives that they represent.

FiMimsPhotography_0820 FiMimsPhotography_0821 FiMimsPhotography_0822 FiMimsPhotography_0823 FiMimsPhotography_0824
FiMimsPhotography_0829 FiMimsPhotography_0831