I’m guessing that we’re all consuming more than our usual share of podcasts at the moment, and I’ve got one for you to add to your list.  Extraordinary business coach Emma McQueen has just launched Tea with the Queen (and she does love her tea!), and in her episodes she’ll be chatting with different women and leaders about their work, business strategies, energy, success and so much more! ⠀

Emma is an incredible business coach who is obsessed with helping women reach their full potential – and making sure they get paid for it. I’ve been working with her this year as part of her Thriving Women program and I can say I’ve never met a coach as hands-on and supportive as she is. And in addition she makes you get shit done. When it comes to business coaching she is NEXT LEVEL.

I’m so excited that thanks to her podcast (plus her new book just released called Go-getter) everyone and anyone around the globe can now listen and learn from her. Huge congrats Emma!  (And thanks for asking me to create this fun photo for your podcast!)

Click here to listen to her podcast via her website.

Emma McQueen Podcast