Some shots from a gorgeous branding session in the studio last week with Sarah Hardy from Popcorn Blue.  Sarah is a talented illustrator who creates the most beautiful, whimsical art.  It fuels the imagination and brings joy to both kids and adults!

Sarah had been wanting to have branding shots taken for months, but like so many business owners kept putting it off. Her profile has been steadily building with her business until finally, she realised it was something she just had to get done. Within a week we had made a date for the shoot, she had briefed me on the style of shots she wanted and we had discussed how we could create something similar in the studio. The final images were ready for her to download within a few days, just in time to use on a submission she needed to send off.  Some lovely feedback from Sarah following her shoot:

“I am normally not a fan of been in front of the camera but I was so relaxed and not self conscious at all! There is a skill in that! It was a fun experience and has made me want to have more product photography created in the same style. The overall photographs depicted a true representation of my business’s personality. I am thrilled beyond words.”

In business it’s so easy to get stuck doing the urgent things, rather than the important ones. If headshots or branding photos are something you’ve been meaning to get onto, give me a call on 0407 366 801 to take up my free 15 minute consult. I’d love to chat with you and see how together we could make you shine online!

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