Branding Video

Is it time to take your branding to the next level?

There is no doubt about it, if there was one message that stood out in 2017 it’s that we all need to be creating video content to share with our audience. It’s the newest, the best and the most versatile tool you can use in your business. It builds trust and connection, it boosts conversions and sales, search engines love it, and it encourages audience engagement more than any other medium.

The bottom line is, if you’re not using already using video in your business – you should be!

“Noooo, not something else I have to do” I hear you say!

Well here’s the good news…. for a number of months now I’ve been working hard behind the scenes honing my skills, creating videos for some of my branding clients in addition to amazing images. And the result has been fantastic!

So….. there’s nothing like a fresh start to a new year (such as some stunning new branding visuals with a video to match), and to celebrate the official launch of video packages I’m offering a 30% discount on any video booking when paired with a branding photography session – valid until the end of April 2018! Yes that’s three whole months for you to get organised and come in for your session, and three whole months where you can receive 30% off my video pricing. Plenty of time so you don’t have to rush and we can prepare properly for your session.

Are you wondering how you can use a personal branding video in your business?

Well, just like fabulous images, branding videos can be used across almost all of your brand touch points, such as your website, social media, email campaigns or newsletters, and sales and landing pages.

So if you have elevating your personal brand, or updating your visuals on your to-do list this year, make sure you take advantage of my 30% discount to include the power of video in your marketing mix.

Book your session now by contacting me here or get in touch on 0407 366 801 so I can take you through the different video options and answer all of your questions.

Below you can check out just one of the fantastic branding videos I created for clients in 2017. I would love to create one for you to help grow your business – hope I get an opportunity to do that soon!

Keep shining.

Fi x

This is the 3rd photo shoot I have had for my business and each time I’ve found the lead up nerve racking particularly in relation to how it is that I want to portray myself and my business.  But the unexpected side effect is that helps me to step up to a new level in my business.  I’ve found that it’s really helped with my confidence, self belief and belief in my business.  And although the lead up to the shoot is nerve racking the shoot itself is nothing but fun!

What I enjoyed most about the experience with you Fi was how you made me feel, how good you made me look, and for encouraging me to do a branding video… which I would never have done without your insistence that it was a great idea.

The new photos and branding video has brought to life who I am and what I do.  I love the end result.

Jane Benston, Leadership Coach and Consultant

Check out how Jane has utilised her killer combination of branding images and video HERE.

Check out more video samples and info about my video packages HERE.