On Saturday 8th October, Felicity Watson joined me at my studio to host a workshop on Personal Styling. What an amazing afternoon was had by all.

Felicity brought so much valuable content that notes were being scribbled and conversations were being ignited right from the beginning of the day through to the end.

Felicity is a coach that specialises in branding, and how your branding (personal styling) is painting the picture to your audience of who you are, what you stand for and how they perceive you.

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOS of our own companies: Me Inc. to be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called YOU.” Tom Peters


Some great tips I thought I’d share with you from the workshop are;

  • Don’t fall into the clique saying ‘I just want to be myself’. Our moods vary day to day, therefore our styling can too. Having your own personal brand enables you to ensure your styling is consistent, regardless of how you feel.
  • Work out the qualities you want to be know for, make sure you take these qualities (your A game) to your clients every day!
  • “I’m here to do a job, I don’t need to be warm and fuzzy” – will not necessarily get you the best result or leave the best impression in every situation. (for me personally, if I took great photos but couldn’t back that up with a nice personality – or brand – I wouldn’t be as successful.)  In other words, if people didn’t like ‘me’ I wouldn’t ‘sell’.

If you don’t like where you are currently in your life….then move. You are not a tree.


Felicity shared some invaluable tips for networking, such as:

  • It’s the little things that count – remembering the names of the people you’ve just met, and even better something about them.
  • People aren’t necessarily born with charisma, it is something that can be developed. Common traits of people with charisma – they take up space, are relaxed, smile often, have open body language, listen attentively, make eye contact and hold it, energise others.
  • Women often undervalue what they are and overvalue what they aren’t. Felicity talked about how often we, as women, when introducing ourselves don’t necessarily own it when talking about our businesses and who we are as business owners and women.
  • We all want to – and should strive to be – good people on the inside …. But it’s also important to feel good about how we look. When we feel confident in how we look, it helps build our confidence in who we are and how we are representing ourselves (inside and out).

Felicity shared some great advice on styling and tricks we can do with accessories in our wardrobe:

  • Utilising necklaces can help shape us and also draw people’s attention to our faces. The length of the necklace is an important factor.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your accessories to add pops of colour to an outfit.
  • An accessory, such as necklace or brooch, can be great conversation starters!
  • By wearing a column of colour (on either the outside or the inside of your outfit) you can make yourself appear taller. And do the opposite (wear separates) to appear shorter (obviously not recommend for those feeling small in statue in the first place!).
  • Add volume in clothes carefully – flowy tops should be paired with fitted bottom, and flowy pants should be paired with fitted tops.


It was a great afternoon and our lovely attendees walked away with goodies bags filled with wonderful gifts. A special thank you to our goodie bag contributors: Corporate ClassicsDr Oetker, Collective Magazine, Be. By Monica, Jamberry – Elise Heeger (Independent Consultant), Arbonne from Georgia Findley and Bellaartista Designs.

A huge thank you also to Anne Clark from Envision Empower Succeed who provided one of our major door prizes – a $300 coaching voucher.