“I don’t have any space left on the wall for prints”.

This is a fairly regular comment I get from clients, and my response is that if you want to put something on the wall, you can always find space!

Earlier this year I visited the home of close family friends and clients whose four grandchildren I have photographed at different times over the past few years, and was so happy to see these framed prints on their wall.  At the time of the shoots they said they wanted a beautiful, large print of each of their grandchildren to look at every day.  

They didn’t have a lot of wall space left in their house, so they ended up utilising this space either side of a cabinet.  Best of all, it’s in the entrance to their home so you look at them and smile every time you come and go.

Don’t have wall space for prints? You can always find space if you want to!

FiMimsPhotography_0836 FiMimsPhotography_0837