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Tell us about your business – what do you do, who are your clients, and why do they choose you?

The Cullin Interiors is co-founded by powerhouse duo Sarah McMillan & Sheree Cullin.  We’re a multifaceted interior design & style hub located in Somerville, servicing the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and beyond.

Our services include interior design, styling and staging for architects, builders and real estate agents, and furniture sourcing.

Our design hub was built with the vision that beautiful spaces should and can exist in every residential & commercial space. We create functional interiors customised for you.

Architectural and aesthetically pleasing spaces across all Interior design styles have become far more accessible to view than ever before. Gone are the days of paper subscription to bespoke magazines; dreaming of your own project is now at everyone’s finger-tips through social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

We help our clients turn those pretty pictures into their very own residential or commercial renovation, new build or styled space.

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How did you get to where you are today? 

Through hard work, determination and a passion to succeed!

Our back story… we met for the first time in 2013 at a networking event and had an instant connection. Fast forward to 2017 and, following years of mutual love and neverending conversations about all things interior design and styling, The Cullin Interiors was created.

What do you love most about your work?

Seeing customers spaces transformed from our first concept into amazing spaces that they love.

What’s the most challenging thing about running your business?

Balancing rapid scale with family life & SELF CARE!

What’s one habit you stick to that’s helped in the success of your business?

Getting quotes back to customers within 24 hours.

The Cullin Interiors

What’s one core principle in your business and how do you integrate that into your work?

Can we give two?

1 – We treat every client or job individually – we are bespoke in nature and that helps maintain a unique edge that sets us apart from the crowd.

2 – We are collaborative by design.  We are kind, we have fun with our work, and we build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and clients.

Personal Branding PhotographyWhat’s one piece of advice that has never left you?

(Sarah) Be authentic, stay true to yourself & trust the process.

What’s one trait you think all business owners need to survive?

(Sheree) Strong principles and self-respect for their work.

What are you excited about right now?

S & S Photographic Studio – our new studio space we recently launched!  It houses five staging sets and is available for hire with or without styling and props. It’s incredible.  It’s a space that will help to showcase our work, but also open up opportunities to connect and work with more industry creators and customers.

The Cullin Design and The Cullin Interiors

What does success mean to you?

The driving force for both of us is the sheer power of belief.  Believing in yourself and your potential creates the most powerful energy, and from this comes incredible opportunities, followed by success!

Our work – creating beautiful spaces & visual content for our clients – is quite simply our dreams come true.

The Cullin Interiors

What impact has investing in your personal brand had on you or your business?

As a business we started running before we could crawl.  We built our incredible showroom and made connections with suppliers whose product represented our brand. We posted images on socials and spoke of our love for beautiful homes and bespoke product.  We knew our vision, but when potential leads ‘clicked’ to our website we were completely lacking  … our lack of any clean brand and messaging – photos, colours, font and copy that customers could read to gain interest in our brand and make them want to work with us – completely missed the mark.

So we researched successful businesses and how they showcased their brand to the world.  We realised we needed to get in front of the camera and show people who we are. We needed to create a visual brand that represented us.

We closed the website down and booked our branding shoot.  We spent the day together as mums, business women and best friends creating a portfolio of imagery that is true to who we are.

These images have enabled us to tell our story. To introduce ourselves across social platforms.  And to ensure that our audience have a clear perception of who we are, and what we offer.

Since our shoot the results are incredible! Word of mouth is now spreading like wildfire, our enquiries are increasing and we are forming a fantastic portfolio of ongoing clients. Our shoot is by far the best investment we’ve made in our business to date! And we are committed to regular shoots so we can keep telling our story as we evolve.

The Cullin Design

You can find Sarah and Sheree at:

Website: www.thecullininteriors.com.au

Instagram: @thecullininteriors

FB: https://www.facebook.com/thecullininteriors/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com.au/TheCullinInteriors/

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-cullin-interiors/

Showroom: 1/5 Speedwell Street, Somerville (by appointment only)

Cullin Design and Interiors