I recently spoke to Meirav Dulberg of Webby Web Design, who asked me to share three tips on what you need to consider when creating images for a personal brand website.  This is what they were:

1 – Know WHO your audience is and the message you want to send through your images. Once you’ve nailed those 2 key points you’ll be in a great position to start planning the shots you need and what they should look like.

2 – Consider WHAT elements should you include in your images. Branding images should complement your ….brand! And as already mentioned above, they need to send a message to your audience, so you need to think about every detail including what you will be wearing, what location will be the best fit for the look and feel you want to have, and what colours or props you could include to help tell your story. You only have a few seconds to make an impact on viewers, so you want to make sure they notice and remember you.

3 – Think about HOW will you be using the images. These days the trend is for websites to use banner shots, so your photographer may need to focus on capturing horizontal images, and you may want to include lots of empty space for overlaying text or logos. If you have a website design in progress then sharing this with your photographer can be super helpful so they know what the key shots are and which spaces they have to fill.

Click on the screenshot of Meirav’s article below to see her full article, plus what other contributors including Clare Blackstock from Blade Creative, Suzanne Chadwick from The Connection Exchange and Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke, had to say about creating a personal brand website.


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