School holidays are over again! Did you get away or stay home? Or a little of both? As a working mum I’m sure I’m not alone when I say they are often a mix of pleasure and pain – it’s SO good to have some family time, but keeping a full time business running smoothly through them is impossible! This time around I tried to include a nice mix of both. I still had some hair-pulling days around work things I couldn’t get done, but for the most part I was able to relax and just enjoy my time off with the kids. Maybe by the time Poppy and Gus hit high school I’ll have worked out a perfect way to do both, haha!

We kicked off our holidays with a camping expedition in the Mitta Valley, and I thought I’d share some highlights.  It was our first time ‘hard-core’ camping with the kids (tenting in the grandparents’ backyard a short walk from the bathroom just doesn’t cut it!)  And it was a hit.  For them and for us.  Yes, it was even worth using a hole in the ground as a toilet for 3 days…

I’ve just shared a few photos here that include our family, but we were away with three other families who all made great camping buddies, and that added to our enjoyment over the weekend enormously! I’m so grateful they asked us along, as this brief holiday in such a beautiful part of our state will always be a great memory for our family.  Having said that, while we were only away for three nights, the days felt so long and our time away more like a week.  My tip for the school holidays – get out of town! You will be more relaxed, have more of a break, and come back to school feeling like the holidays were not so much of a blur.

Here are my personal highlights …

Our home for three days and nights – we woke to a beautiful sunrise and went to bed following perfect sunsets every night.  So lucky!

Spending lots of time with this guy, in addition to our friends:2016-04-07_0002

I even got a smile at the camera out of him occasionally 😉2016-04-07_0003

Plenty of cuddle time with the kids:2016-04-07_0004

Poppy’s new beanie from Cotton On.  Okay so maybe not camping related but still one of my highlights!  Just wish it came in my size …

Watching the kids play in nature for three days straight without getting bored, or complaining about the lack of TV or other digital devices.2016-04-07_0006

Joyful jumps:2016-04-07_0009 First ever fishing lessons!

Magical sunsets.

Non-stop smiles. And beautiful, muddy faces.

Amazing starry skies.2016-04-07_0015

Crisp, cold mornings that made you want to get up early and go exploring.2016-04-07_0016

Back-warmers on those cold mornings.

Watching these three have fun together.2016-04-07_0019

Not having to worry about a wet or stinky dog.  Truffle was in her happy place!2016-04-07_0007

Seeing my kids’ confidence in the water, and not worrying quite as much as I usually do about all the dangers around it!2016-04-07_0022

This view. The stunning Mitta Valley.2016-04-07_0024

What did you get up to during Easter? Would love to hear about it in the comments below! x