I know that one of the barriers to having headshots taken can be the thought that you won’t look good in your photos. I hear so often from my clients (make that pretty much all of them) that they don’t like photos of themselves, and of course that makes them feel terribly scared and vulnerable when they step in front of the camera. So today I thought I’d share a before/after photo from one of my recent shoots, to remind you that the people you see in headshots, those beautiful images you think you could never achieve for yourself, are real women. Just like you. And me.
The only difference? The have probably had their hair and makeup done by a professional, with help and guidance they have planned outfits that flatter their shape and colour, they have been posed by a professional photographer who knows their stuff, and to top it all off they have probably had a few magic brushstrokes applied in photoshop to soften their wrinkles, whiten their teeth, and get rid of those crazy strays we all love (not).
So next time you let fear stop you from booking those much-needed headshots, remember that by putting yourself in the hands of a professional, you are putting yourself in the safest hands possible.
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