Happy International Women’s Day!

If you follow me it’s no secret that I LOVE my job – I’m blessed that my work brings such a diversity of people and places in front of my camera.  And at the heart of it all is my passion for capturing women and celebrating who they are and what they do – whether it’s motherhood, work or a combination of both.

So in recognition of International Women’s Day 2018, I want to share with you just some of the incredible women that I’ve had the honour of working with so far this year – I wish I could share them all!  They are entrepreneurs, game-changers, industry leaders, as well as mothers, partners, friends and inspirational role models to other women.  They are all exceptional, and I am just so proud to play even a small part in their journey.

As mum to a gorgeous, smart, funny and optimistic 8 year old girl who has the world at her feet, I could not be more excited about the future and opportunities that’ll be available to her as she gets older and finds her place in the world. To all the women that have played a part and pressed for progress over the years, thank you!

#pressforprogress and never stop.

Fi x

Amanda Stokes – a mum of 3 creating a movement to help mothers have a healthier relationship with their bodies so their daughters don’t mirror their negative self-talk and behaviour.

Susie White – a food product innovator who has worked for over fifteen years in Marketing & Innovation roles within multinational companies in Australia and across Europe. She now runs her own business, eat.drink.innovate, which helps food and beverage businesses become more successful product innovators.

Rosalyn Gladwin – owner and head honcho at Gladwin Legal, a law firm specialising in corporate and commercial law and retail leasing, and helping businesses in retail, fashion and FMCG to minimise and understand their legal risks in order to achieve their goals.

Female scientists from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation – an incredible bunch of smart, talented and fun women working so hard to find a cure for this disease which kills one woman every 10 hours.

Suz Chadwick – girl boss extraordinaire and my own girl-boss crush, Suz is an amazing business coach and brand consultant, and also heads up one of the best online and in-person communities for savvy women in business – The Connection Exchange.  In Feb I photographed her first event for the year, a sell out with guest speaker Cherie Clonan from The Digital Picnic – another female entrepreneur who with her business partner Cat is achieving incredible success in the digital marketing space!

Sharon Fennell – Speaker, mentor, certified neuro-psychotherapist and thought leader who works with women in leadership roles. She’s on a mission to eradicate self doubt and self sabotage for women in all areas of their lives, so they can thrive in the world.

Sarah Linklater – a Melbourne graphic designer with a passion for working with both public and private sector organisations who are making a difference.

And next week I’ll be photographing the 2018 Level Up Conference, created and hosted by Steph Webster and Kara Jenkins from the Miss Collective, a dynamic duo who came together and built their business out of a desire to see more women succeed in their chosen field. I can’t wait to share some images from this event in next month’s newsletter.