Last night I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the book launch of ‘Grow Profit Exit’.  Written by Katrina Aarsman, Grow Profit Exit tells the story of how she created a successful bookkeeping business, to the point where she could then sell it and transition into a business model where she now helps other bookkeepers achieve their dreams and goals too.

Grow Profit Exit talks specifically about bookkeeping businesses, however it’s packed with plenty of advice that can be implemented into any business model – Katrina experienced challenges and struggles while building her business that all business owners can relate to.

After telling us a bit about her story, the content of her book and how she came to write it, I had an opportunity to speak to the crowd about the important role images and visual marketing play in growing a business.  Johannah from Confetti Design prefaced my talk with a presentation on the power of your brand, and the secrets to creating a powerful brand that sells. I’ll share those secrets with you in another blog post soon!

Huge congrats Katrina on the amazing achievement of both your business AND your book!  It’s always wonderful to see people achieving their dreams!

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