One of the most popular ways for businesses to take themselves to the next level is by offering live workshops, retreats and masterminds.  My lovely friend, Jade MacKenzie from Eventhead, is sharing her wealth of knowledge on planning, creating and hosting ‘sell out’ events through an amazing new course she has created called Workshop Wonderful.  And I’m excited to announce that she’s invited me to be a guest speaker on her program!  I’ll be sharing my best tips on how to capture beautiful event photos, and how they can be used to market and build your business for years to come.

Melbourne event photography

Registrations for Jade’s current round of Workshop Wonderful are unfortunately already closed, but if you’ve ever dreamed of putting on beautiful events, or already put on events in your business, you should still head over to Eventhead’s website where you can find heaps of info, including Jade’s free e-guide to on how to create signature events that have a massive impact. It’s overflowing with tips and advice that you’ll be able to apply to the next one you plan.

The Cullen Events

So why is it so important to photograph events? Because photographing an event is about capturing the moments that can’t be described in words, visually celebrating what the event was about, creating memories and emotions that can be shared and reminisced over by the attendees afterwards.  Importantly, photos also showcase your expertise that was on show on the day, and ensure that proof of this lasts much longer than the event itself.


Think about events you have attended and what attracted you to them.  Afterwards, were there photos that accurately reflected the experience you had on the day?  How you felt? The mood in the room? The connection you shared with others?  Because this is what great event photos should do.  Your images will be the selling tools for you and for your future events.

Melbourne event photographer

Every event has its own unique look and feel, and capturing the atmosphere and emotion of the day is so important if you want people to still be talking about the event long after it’s over.
Beautiful You Inspiration Day

If you run events it’s also hugely important to share any photos from your day with your community afterwards.  Not only will it market what you do, but it will give your community a way to stay connected through social media, and allow them to share what you do with their own communities.  So the reach you can have is really unlimited.  The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is an example of a business that does this so well.  By sharing their images with attendees after their events, they ensure that the memories from the day are shared with a huge number of people.  Many more than were able to attend their events, and people that will likely – by getting an insight into the events and amazing experiences they offer – want to become a part of their community.