How do personal branding images position me or my business above my competitors?

Photography is the most important aspect of any brand. It sends a message to people about who you are in just a few seconds, without the need to meet or speak with you, setting you apart from your competition. It increases your ability to connect and engage with your audience, which translates into customers and sales. Put simply, great visuals and personal branding imagery attracts attention to your brand and grows your business.

Your reputation is that you are brilliant at capturing people’s vision for their brand. What strategy do you use to do this?

Prior to all shoots, I run through a pre-session process with each client. This digs into the detail of your brand and asks specific questions about the images you want to create and how you want them to serve your business.  This information informs my shoot plan, so on the day we’re both confident that the images we’ll be creating are exactly what you need. 

What can I do to have the best outcome for my branding shoot? Is there any homework or research for me?

The best way to prepare is to have clarity around your brand and to have researched the type of images you like. It is also best to bring a selection of outfit options to the shoot. Some clients also bring props relevant to their brand. I’m available for as much or as little guidance as you need through the preparation process. You will always feel highly supported. 

I hate having my photo taken– how are you going to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera?

In all my years as a photographer capturing portraits of hundreds of people, I can count on one hand those that were comfortable in front of my camera. For most of us, camera confidence just does not – and probably will not – ever exist. But know this – I will guide and support you throughout your entire session. We’ll take the time to find the best expressions, poses, lighting and angles. And we’ll review the images together as we go so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. I find that once clients see what we’re capturing, they usually relax and start to enjoy the experience. If all else fails I have plenty of bad jokes I can pull out to make you laugh – apologies in advance! 

I’m not photogenic – how will you possibly capture images that show me at my authentic best?

Most of us don’t love how we look – but everyone has the ability to look good in photos. Ultimately, my goal is to create images that you love and are proud of so you can confidently share them everywhere. I’ll take the time to work out your best angles and expressions so we capture images that show you at your best. Trust in the process and focus on being ready on the day – my job is to capture great images that you love. 

Do you work with a team? Can you recommend a stylist and hair and makeup artist? Do you help style and direct me on the day?

I have a hand-selected team of expert hair and makeup artists and personal stylists that you can book as part of your session. They are all brilliant at what they do and will make sure you look amazing when you step in front of my camera. During the shoot I’m also very hands on to make sure you’re styled appropriately and continue to look your best in all your shots. 

I don’t know what to wear – can you help me with this?

I can give you plenty of guidance on clothing before your session, and I also ask clients to bring options on the day so we can see what works best on camera. If you want to be super confident that your clothing reflects your brand and sends the right message to your target audience, then my advice would be to engage a personal stylist prior to your shoot. I can easily arrange this for you – all you need to do is mention it when you book in for your shoot. 


How many images do I get and how many do I get to choose from?

Proof galleries vary depending on which shoot you book. Clients typically have anywhere from 50 to 150 images to choose from. Similarly, the number of images you receive can vary. Some packages come with a set number of final images, plus an option to purchase extra from your gallery, while other sessions may include all images in your gallery. 

Will my photo shoot be indoors or outdoors and how is that decided?

The location you choose for your shoot (studio vs indoor or outdoor location) depends on the images you need and how you will be using them. If you’re unsure what you need my pre-session process will confirm this for you.

What happens if my shoot is outdoors and it rains on the day – is there a contingency plan?

If the weather won’t let us capture the images you need, I’m always happy to reschedule for another date. This will be in the T&Cs of your photography agreement when you book in. 

How long does image delivery take?

Proof galleries are usually delivered in 5-10 business days. Once I receive your image selection, final images are delivered in another 5-10 business days. 

Do you do black and white?

I shoot all images in colour on the day and also present them in colour in your proof gallery, but any image can be converted to B&W following your shoot. That said, if black and white images is what you know you want, then let me know and I can make sure they’re included in your proof gallery. 

You specialise in photographing women. There are men in my team that also require imagery for our content. Can you take their photos as well?

Absolutely! I photograph men on a regular basis. 

Do you have a payment plan or is it an upfront cost?

A deposit is always required to confirm your session, with the balance due by your shoot date.

Do you offer any services other than photography?

Photography is my passion, however I also create branding videos for clients to complement their images. There’s no doubt about it – video is a fabulous way to connect with your audience and tell your story in a way that connects immediately. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in and we can discuss how to incorporate it into your package. 

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