As many of you may already know, the St Kilda Botanic Gardens is close by to my studio and one of my favourite family shoot locations.  There are so many little spots and corners to use for photographs; whether it’s crowded or quiet, raining or full sun, I am always able to capture something beautiful.  As we did on this day where rain fell for most of the session! But we went ahead as planned because the boys’ grandparents were only in town for another day and we had to get the shots.  I’m so glad we did as our rain-dodging paid off!  Some of my favourite images from the session are below.

I have photographed this family at least three times now and these boys just keep on getting cuter!

FiMimsPhotography_0838 FiMimsPhotography_0839 FiMimsPhotography_0840 FiMimsPhotography_0841 FiMimsPhotography_0842 FiMimsPhotography_0843 FiMimsPhotography_0844 FiMimsPhotography_0845 FiMimsPhotography_0846
FiMimsPhotography_0848 FiMimsPhotography_0849 FiMimsPhotography_0850