I have to admit that sharing bits and pieces of my personal life online is something I really struggle with. Finding the right words, the time to write them, and the courage to hit the publish button are three things that always hold me back.⠀

But last week I photographed a fantastic breakfast event put on by Suzanne Chadwick of The Connection Exchange, where Cherie Clonan from The Digital Picnic talked about humanising your brand on social media.  And it was a timely reminder of how important it is to share our story. It doesn’t have to be everything, or often, but it is important as it builds connection and engagement. And it’s human connection that drives us all – much more so than the products and services we sell. ⠀

So I’ll be trying to hit the publish button more on posts across social media and my blog that share a more personal side to my story this year, and I hope it’ll be a way we can get to know each other better.  I hope you do too as I would love to learn more about your story! ⠀

A few images I captured at the event are below.  If you have a business presence on social media then make sure you check out The Digital Picnic, they regularly hold workshops around Australia and are brilliant at what they do.

And if you’re looking for awesome tribe of business women to hang out with, learn with, be supported and inspired by, then make sure you make it along to one of Suz’s Exchanger Events.  Suz just rocks, that’s all I can say.  And so does the community she’s built around her.

Suz’s event was held at the Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar in Chapel St, and was sponsored by MiGoals and Aquamamma.

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