A few images from a branding photo shoot last year with Melissa Lewis, Founder of The Ascension Group.

Branding photogrpahy

Melissa was amazing to work with and had incredible energy in front of the camera – not surprising when you know what she does for a living.  Melissa’s business, The Ascension Group, offers a range of services that help women elevate their executive presence.  From coaching and mentoring through to image consulting and presence assessment, Melissa has helped a huge number of women step into leadership roles and ascend to the next level of their careers.  She has also created Australia’s only presence quotient® assessment tool.

Click here to take her free PQ® Quiz – discover if you have any behavioural characteristics that may be getting in the way of your leadership presence.

Branding photographyIt was such an honour to be asked to create some new images for Melissa, who herself is an expert in personal branding and knows just how important it is to create visual images that can send a strong message to your audience about who you are and what you offer.

If you need to create some images that will help share your talents with the world and attract clients, get in touch and let’s create something amazing for your brand.

You can find out more about Melissa Lewis and what she offers online here, at her new website by Confetti Design.

Branding photography