VirtualStaff365 is an outsourcing company based in Melbourne, with virtual staff working from their homes in the Philippines and South Africa.

Having experienced the problem of running a business around the clock and working all hours, Neville Samuels explored the idea of using virtual assistants, initially in India before transferring to the Philippines. It was a life-changing experience and one that led to setting up his outsourcing company, VirtualStaff365.

Working with Johannah Barton from Confetti Design on a new website, Neville felt it was important to create visuals that showed the human side of the brand. In this instance stock images definitely weren’t going to cut it.

The result? Neville engaged me for a branding photoshoot for the new site.

Collaborating with Johannah we spoke at length about the vision and values of the business, VirtualStaff365’s messaging and brand, and the importance of creating visual content that would make VirtualStaff365 stand out from the crowded arena of offshore VA businesses.

It was important that the images looked authentic, and displayed warmth and connection – Neville collaborates heavily with his staff in the Philippines, consults with his VAs regularly and is passionate about looking after them.

The snag was that the budget didn’t actually allow for us to travel to the Philippines, so we needed to create a space in Melbourne that reflected his staff in a work environment.

After some brainstorming a suitable coworking space in Melbourne was rented as the location, models were hired and props were sourced, and we were able to authentically emulate a VirtualStaff365 workspace with great results!

Since it’s re-launch the website has shown increased results in traffic and engagement, and the business has also received positive feedback on the authenticity of their visuals – a brilliant example of what can happen when you invest in your brand and do the thinking required around your messaging, your target audience, and how you can differentiate yourself in your industry.

According to Neville, “Fi made us all feel so comfortable and relaxed and made it so easy – and the results have definitely been worth it.
We’ve had increased website conversions, and that’s definitely because the website now has a more human touch, thanks to Fi’s photo’s.”

Make sure you check out the new site created by Confetti Design at www.virtualstaff365.com.au.

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