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How do you feel about visibility?

I’m asking because so many of my clients put off being ‘the face’ of their business for a long time, and for a variety of what can seem like really valid reasons…

– They’ve been busy investing in other areas of their business and just haven’t thought about it
– They offer products so don’t think they need to show their face
– They don’t have any images of themselves they like or feel proud of
– They are already succeeding in business so don’t think it’s necessary

And there are plenty more reasons. If you don’t like the idea of being visible, you’ll always be able to find a way to validate your feelings.

BUT … it can’t be denied that with visibility comes growth. Often, rapid growth. Because when we show up consistently online we establish ourselves as an authority, an expert in our field. Just as important, we are giving our audience a way to connect on a deeper level with our business, because we’re adding a human element to what we offer. And the stats show that personal connection is what people respond to most in online marketing today.

If you’re reading this and you know that you’re someone who shies away from visibility, I encourage you to start showing up now (I beg, implore, plead with you, I feel so strongly about it!). Start today. Start in a small way if you need to. But I promise you, people WANT to see you, and you have nothing to lose from showing them who you are. You only have something to lose if you don’t.


Would you love help becoming more visible in your business? Guess what? Having great imagery of yourself that you LOVE makes it so much easier!  Get in touch and let’s chat about what we could create for you.

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