A new brand and website need new images – no argument!

That’s what Chris Power, of Power Projects, wanted when she contacted me to book a branding photoshoot with her and business partner, Warren Smith.

Their zone of genius: improving the effectiveness of workplaces, and they do that by improving the quality of leadership, unlocking the potential of teams, and steering the path to step-change in safety performance.

Their future vision: to grow their consulting business with strategic associates and contractors so they can continue to make a difference to even more medium-sized enterprises.

Chris was quite clear on the message they wanted to send with their new brand images: Sharp, clean, edgy, professional but not too corporate, relaxed and approachable, contemporary.

Their brand colours were dark blue with tangerine accents – stylish and fun.

I love to know what my client’s USP (unique selling point) is. Chris’s answer summed it up as a holistic experience: Power Projects are experienced, qualified, approachable, empathetic yet pragmatic; they achieve results, and they work with the whole self and whole systems.

My Elsternwick studio and the DesignInc offices in the CBD were the two locations we settled on for the shoot. The clean black and white backgrounds of the studio complemented the stylish & contemporary furnishings of DesignInc – a perfect balance for the look and feel we wanted to achieve.


In keeping with the message they wanted to send, Chris and Warren chose a selection of outfits that reflected their personalities and were 100% on brand: sharp, edgy and casual – but still highly professional. They also made sure they stayed with colours that complimented their brand palette.

The end result? A stylish corporate look with a more relaxed and approachable feel, with the help of a few wardrobe changes and some great backdrops and prop options.

Chris and Warren’s ‘must-have’ shots of professional profile images, along with photos of them both in-action coaching and facilitating were achieved without looking staged or insincere. I love the result!

Are you in need of some on-brand images to share who you are and how you help people in an authentic way? If so then get in touch for a chat and let’s see what we can create together!