Lisa Corduff

There is no doubt that the Covid crisis of last year (and that’s still with us in 2021) has impacted the way we do business in many ways.  Some of these changes have definitely had a positive impact on how we work – for example, our ability to take up new technology to do business online.  But there’s one impact that will stay with us ongoing, one which has made the ability to reach our clients even harder … the increase in online competition.  With a large number of businesses switching over to online offerings, standing out online amongst all the noise and competition is even harder than it was pre-Covid – and let’s face it, it was already difficult then.

Where does that leave us all?  Well, in short it means we have to try even harder to increase the visibility of our business. Why?  Because plain and simple, the more we can show up in front of our ideal audience, the more opportunity we have of generating customers.  You may be amazing at what you do – you could even be the best in your field – but if you’re not showing up then you’re not giving people an opportunity to find out about you and how you can help them.

And whilst I’m sure a lot of you may be groaning outwardly, thinking about how much you’re going to have to increase your Facebook ad budget to get seen more, don’t worry!  There are a number of ways to increase your visibility that don’t involve Facebook ads (actually, that one isn’t even on my list), and most are are easier than you think. Check them out:

  • Post more on social media
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Publish blogs and/or articles
  • Send email newsletters
  • Use video more as a content tool
  • Use images of yourself more online (my favourite!)
  • Be a guest on podcasts that share the same audience
  • Create your own podcast
  • Collaborate with other businesses that share the same audience
  • Run online webinars
  • Host a challenge
  • Run a competition
  • Do a giveaway
  • Host an interview series
  • Take up speaking opportunities
  • Offer in-person events
  • Go to networking events
  • Join FB groups
  • Add a new social media platform (ie Tiktok) to your profile
  • Look for free PR opportunities or use a source such as sourcebottle.com to gain free media exposure

So there you go – 20 simple ways to increase your visibility in 2021.  And that list came to me within a few minutes so I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas that could be added.

Yes, each one takes some work (as does anything in business), so go through the list and choose wisely.  Don’t overreach and try everything (although if you can, credit to you!). Think about which ones not only feel like a good fit for you and your business, but also which ones would be a good fit for your audience.  And importantly, which ideas would help you reach the biggest audience?  Case in point … there is no doubt that many people still struggle with creating video content but as much as we don’t like it, it’s still gets massive engagement.  If you’re someone who’s shied away from getting in front of the camera and hitting record, maybe it’s time to push through that fear, or get some support to help you get started?

At the end of the day, no matter what method you choose, 2021 is definitely the year to focus on increasing your visibility more than ever before!


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